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April with Fusion Access

Throughout the past month, we’ve been bustling with activity as we fulfilled orders for a diverse range of furniture pieces. In addition to this, we’ve been busy breathing life into beloved furniture pieces by refurbishing them. Fusing the old with the new, furniture even bought 20 years ago, have been re-crafted to bring a beautiful visual appeal so many years later.

The Living Room

We believe in sustainability, refurbishing old pieces while refreshing the overall aesthetic. We updated key furniture pieces and introduced new accents, to transform your space.

A living room that invites relaxation and conversation with new and refurbished furniture pieces that bring a contemporary flair. A fresh take on the sofas and coffee tables, we reimagine the heart of this client’s home with modern elegance.

The Dining room

Experience the magic of transformation as we took on the challenge of revitalizing a dining room, from the table to dining chairs, and even the dining cabinet to elevate the entire space. We wanted to bring timeless elegance and create a palette that heros the clients’ art collection.

The Bar

For the refurbished bar, we introduced a captivating new color palette while preserving its luxurious textures. We redefined the ambiance, with a back lit crystal onyx top, and optimized functionality without compromising on style.

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